Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hiko's world page27(freedom of speech)

All of us should have the freedom of speech.AGREE????Anyway,I am kinda mad cause I just can't express myself because I was taught to safeguard the "faces" of others.WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!sorry can't tell you guys what happened but I am simply being angry and I wrote this.I strongly believed the truth should be told and we should say "right!" when things are right,"wrong!" when things are wrong.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Hiko's world page26(ARASHI yay!!!)

How shall I put this,hmmm.....when I first started watching Japanese drama and listening to Jap music,I somehow find myself kept watching shows from a popular Jap group called ARASHI,I guess some of you guys might have heard of that.5 members form ARASHI~the leader Ohno Satoshi and others like Ninomiya Kazunari,Masaki Aiba,Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun.At first I thought they were just some young boys idol group who can't really do things that well (like the 4 guys in Taiwan..if you know who I am talking about...haha)but I guess I am kinda wrong with that concept because they are seriously talented,they dance well,sing well,act well and they even play musical instrument well.Actually it is not these that I was attracted to,it is their friendship bond.They formed when they were only 16 or 17years old and they are 26 or 27 now.Being together for more than ten years,ARASHI is a long lasting group.Cool huh!Just try watching their dramas and listen to their song,seriously not bad at all.hahaha...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hiko's world page25( I wonder...)

Sometimes...I really do wonder if anyone really comes to my blog...nothing much though,just a bit lazy,a bit bored these days...leave me a message at the chat box,tell me if you have visited my blog...gosh!!!what am I really doing???I am serioully super blur now...haiz...better get some sleep...hahaha...

(basically just crapping here...)(>_<)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hiko's world page24(Time awaits no one..)

Time do goes by rapidly without us noticing it;just then I had begin my last Foundation semester,before I came to realise it,it has ended.After my Final examination,I will be packing my stuffs and leaving for UTAR Kampar Campus,Perak.Still remembering my days in National Service...I keep myself motivated because it is just 3 months...this is 3 years.Anyway,I am still motivated as usual,but I know it will be a big challenge living in a place so far away from my comfort zone here in K.L and Selangor. In case if you guys have no Idea where the heck I will be for the next 3 years, you can simply google search it.To be honest, it is quite a pretty place, the whole area do look like foreign Uni.I promise will show you guys some photos of it in the near future + my life photos there.It isn't very fun gaining freedom as many young people today will think,freedom is full of responsibility, burden and in some way pretty scary too when you come to think of it.Maybe this is how we become an adult by taking responsibility of the freedom we get.I am kinda nervous and excited at the moment...afraid but still looking forward to my whole new life.Announcement to my friends out there(secondary schoolmates)...I am hoping if we can meet up one day after next week,anyway it is been a while since we last met.Really miss you guys a lot since everybody parted for their respective college or Uni....I will tell everyone when the time comes for me to leave, but Hiko's world will always be here connecting us together.thanks for your support for my page ya!Have a nice day pals!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hiko's world page23(Family)

HUIS..........................All of these languages are of the same meaning~~~FAMILY~~~ shall I first ask you a question?WHAT IS A FAMILY TO YOU?answered?now more question....DO YOU LOVE YOUR FAMILY?...DO YOU LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM?...DO YOU HATE YOUR FAMILY?...DO YOU HATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM?,is there something stirring up in your mind?perhaps a person in your family that you love most or a person that you hate you know why he or she just came bouncing into your mind just now?let me tell is because he or she is the person you are most keen with.It takes efforts to love someone but it takes more effort to actually hate someone(especially hating someone you deeply loved)...what a pity to actually hate people in your own family that suppose to be the dearest to you.Do you know why family starts with an F??It is because it should comes FIRST when you are considering the things you do.Some of us hate our mum because they nag us too much and they just don't understand how we think;some of us hate our dad because he just don't care,don't spend time with us,don't smile or is he up to something that we can't forgive him...some of us hate our brothers and sisters because they caused us too much trouble,more talented than us...some of us hate our grandparents because they are old and clumsy,because they are always unfair too us...some of us hate our aunts and uncles because they just can't hold their tongue...and some of us hate our cousins because we are always being compared...and some of us hate our husbands or wives...MAN!!!what is the point of getting married in the first place if you don't love each other?There are loads of reasons for us to hate our family...but think everything we see the true side of the truth or are we being too sensitive and thinking and considering only one side of things...we might be selfish sometimes too you know.I think God gives us a family because He wants us to love each other unconditionally,giving without expecting something in return,just as how He loved us.I remember in the bible it says~~we love,because God first loved us.~~~It is truly a challenge to love others not only people in the family but those out there too.Love starts at home.God didn't give us an opportunity to choose our family,to choose our parents,our siblings and relatives...I believe He already made the greatest choice for us.He knows what is best for us.I have watched a few new dramas these days...just wanna share them with you so that you can related to the things I have wrote.Try watch TOKIO
トキオ a Japanese drama series staring Sakurai Sho,watch also Yamada Tarou Monogatari 山田太郎ものがたり and Myu no anyo papa ni ageru( みゅうの足パパにあげる/Myu will Give Daddy Her Legs) .there are always lessons that we can learn...I wrote all these because I can see many family problem are arising in the people around me and I just feel that I need to say something.For me,family always comes first,without them ,without their blessing and support for the things I do,I will consider it to be a failure.I love my family.

Hiko's world page22(Haiz....)

My apologies cause I can't get my presentation photos...just show you this...a photo of me in the drama costume.I am acting as a character called Orcky(originally from "orc" in the lord of the rings).We are given a task of making a drama for the English for communication assignment in Uni.Well...our drama is called~~THE LOSS OF THE RING~~where the ring we are talking about is actually a doughnut.It is a story about a battle between good and evil(good and healthy food vs bad junk food).It is to promote healthy diet...anyway no offense if you are a junk food lover...I made the stupid head dressing might think that this is too cute to be an Orc ,but still...I am one of the evil character in this drama, a minor though...I took up most of the narrator task.Pretty fun thing to do a drama...anyway, I once too had a dream of being a movie director...hahaha

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hiko's world page21(Oh my GOD!!!!!!!)

Man!!!I really was thinking to share with you guys about my assignments but before that ,I have say....OH...MY....GOD!!!!It is SoooooOOoooo TRUE!!!!!!Today is Good Friday,a day to remember because Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross this day.Let me tell you what...have you ever notice that every Good Friday,...I mean every year's Good Friday at exactly 3:00pm in the afternoon, there will surely be a thunder.Believe me or not, today at exactly 3pm, I was actually sleeping like a pig in bed because I just finished my final presentation...guess what....??A sudden loud thunder or lightning woke me up, and as I look at the clock it is 3pm...MAN!!!!!God is so true, so real...It is said that Jesus took His last breath at 3pm and then He died.God is really awesome!Thank God that He saved my life!!!Just try it next year if you don't believe what I say...I have already tried this for several years and I never fail to hear that thunder.This Sunday is Easter,the day that Jesus Christ resurrected.Pals...get to a church nearby this Sunday to find out for yourself who this awesome God is...see ya next post...I will post pictures of my presentation.have a nice day!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hiko's world page20(Home Drama)

Hey yo!!Me again...Haiz...these days I am totally being burried by assignments, tests and presentations...can you imagine to have 2 presentations in one day and that is continuous??Gosh..I almost died.Anyway,I will be telling you about my presentations in my next post,so stay tune ya!Just here today to share some drama series that I watch recently,nothing very special...hahaha...Well,back to the point of my post today,I will share with you yet another Japanese drama series,...I know you are going to ask me why another Jap,but let me tell you...I might be taking Japanese Language in my degree(part of my course)if everything goes as plan...watching shows are the best way to feel a whole new culture(actually you don't really get to learn much in shows)haha....I am giving myself reasons for addiction recently watch drama is again not an action pack one but like the name,it is about family...the special thing about this family is that they are not real family,none of the members are related...they are all victims who loss atleast a family member during a bus accident on their trip in Thailand.All depressed at first but later was gathered by one of them who came out with an idea of living together since nobody would understand their hardship and difficulties but only those who are involved in this incident.Although they finally stayed together but loads of problem still unsolved.....This is a touching show acctually, with a somewhat special storyline.Some people might think these type of show is is not really a new show though,it has been quite some time already....anyway,I am just here to share...see ya next post!!