Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hiko's world page11(All about Charcoal a.k.a Chaky)

Charcoal's ultimate hiding place(behind the toilet bowl)


I'm the cutest!!

Hai...talking about me telling you everything about myself,today I think I would like to share one of my most precious 'baby' to all.....(DRUM ROLL........)let us put our hands to welcome the one and only super RABBIT~~~~~Charcoal a.k.a Chaky!!!!!!(BOO............)Well,just to let you guys know that Charcoal is actually my pet rabbit,as you can see from his name,he is totally BLACK in colour,the nice thing about him is that the things(stupid things)he does brightens up the day for every single member of my family,especially my dad,he loved him a lot...he would buy loads of carrot for him(pet tips#carrots are not your bunny's major food source,it just acts as snacks.)Charcoal is kinda playful and naughty sometimes,he would just turn over his food and bite newspaper,littering them you know that Charcoal actually have voice?!many thinks that rabbits are so silent and they don't make noice,I guess they are the way,there is some saying that if your rabbit have voice,it would be a very smart rabbit...(BOO.....)hahaha...Anyway,I think rabbits are the best pets!I'll try to share more about Chaky in the future so stay tune...or rather stay online...hahaha.....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hiko's world page10(NEW YEAR MOOD RISING)

Hey yo!!It is me again,sorry folks for the long wait...I'm kinda busy these days,mainly busy getting ready for my finals and the coming Chinese New Year...loads to share with you guys,later I will share with you about my New Year,a Traditional way of celebrating Chinese New Year in my family with the only difference of being a Christian Family.Haha...CAN'T WAIT!!!!wish me best in my finals too...I'll try to get loads of photos to share,please come back ya!!!!HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!