Friday, July 31, 2009

Hiko's world page44(Smiles>>>HAHAHA)

It is never too hard to smile or laugh, just twitch a few muscles and there you are smiling.It is easy for us to cry...(at least for me)and it is much more easier for us to smile again after we cried...cried hard. Because...we learn to wipe off our tears as we shed them, this is an subconscious action that we take for us to stand up again.Fake smiles will make you more depress, more coward, more hopeless.Smile truly from our hearts...that is the most beautiful thing...When we know how to smile like that, bad things aren't that bad after all and good things are way better than you thought. Thank God for giving us the capability to cry and then SMILE ^_^

the video below is just to entertain you if you are depress over something...let's all smile, show the world that you are beaming happily.The power of smile and laughter is great.Below is a cute song from SNSD aka Girl's Generation, got to know this song from my friends, there is one video with the dance and another with the lyrics if you would like to understand what they are singing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hiko's world page43(Our Father's Love Letter)

Dear friends, if you know Chinese please do watch the video below. Your father in heaven is talking to you. Listen....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hiko's world page42(Letters from Kampar--A birthday away from home)

Hey folks...sorry for the LOnG...loNg...LoNG....LonG...wait, it is because of my tight and busy schedule lately, piles of assignments, lab reports, and Mid-term tests going on, really can't find any time to update my blog, real sorry ya...miss you guys so much...Anyway, can't say my life here in Kampar is wonderful or totally dreadful though, but anyhow it is a place that I am learning meanings in life, that's all I can conclude for now.

So Let's change our this post is some pictures of me and my fellow course mates celebrating a friend's birthday, you know, the only place here that we can hang out is Tesco, no Midvalley or time square or One U here. This is after class and all of us went to KFC in Tesco to celebrate.This first picture here is me and the ever cheerful birthday girl---ms. Pei Vern.

Because there are too many of us so we got ourselves 2 big cake...but personally, I still like cakes from KL.
Happy Birthday to youuu...Happy Birthday to youuuu....

The birthday girl making her wish, since there is 2 cakes, maybe she made 2 wishes....??..O.o

Me digging up the candle wax...
All say CHEESEeee..........
( a tribute to our camera man--Yen Yee who is not in this picture ) these concludes this post, don't worry....more of my life in Kampar will come...Hohoho...I am like making "CHARINE in KAMPAR~the series" , stay tune next post!!!!