Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hiko's world page36(Letters from Kampar--Sick)


Heeey...(cough!!)yoooo....(cough!!) you can see,I fall sick.Stupid sore throat and flu and bla bla bla....please not to mistaken this to be A H1N1...anyways,there I lost my battle to the stupid infection...I went back to KL on Thursday night by KTM...went to the doctor at 2am,and it costed double because it is midnight...sobs....just came back today,room mate not back yet,I am on my own...simply bored,but....sometimes I like it this way,being on my own.....

p/s:please pray for my grandpa who is still in hospital...hope he'll recover soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hiko's world page35(Letters from Kampar--Making Home...)


Hey yo!!Me again,broadcasting live from Kampar...My semester will start on 1st of June,therefore currently I am.....BORED...really nothing much to do here,everyday we are either on our laptops or on our bed,but it do feels a bit like holiday though,things will surely be different once class starts and I will have to go back to the tons of assignments and hectic life of a Uni student...(still grateful to be one).I did steamboat with my friends on the second night,it is pretty interesting steamboating and watching movie at the same time,anyway this is the only entertainment we had(p/s:we had spaghetti last night).We are all trying to make our place more cozy and home like,just to get rid of the homesick.Me and my room mate brought a nice and cheap hanger yesterday so that we can hang our cloths,too bad it can't fit on the door,at last we hanged it on my cupboard and it fits well,thank goodness.On Monday we went for orientation registration session at our campus,this is the first time I enter the building,it was tremendously huge,the science laboratories is actually a 3 story high building....guess you would not imagine the real picture,I will show them in the future...hahaha...seriouly the campus gives me quite some pressure now,hope I will make it through the entire course...anyway,the arm ache is gone, Happy! Happy!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hiko's world page34(Letters from Kampar--Ouch!!!)


Hey folks...I am currently in Kampar Perak.The weather here is extremely HOT~~~worse than I expected but other than that it is a nice place to live in(at least for now).Yesterday was horrible...why??...well,I think I over stressed my arms and it caused muscular soreness,the pain was so severe that it kept me up all night.When I could not stand it any more,I had no choice but to wake my poor room mate up at around 4:45am,we cycle to get Yoko-yoko at a nearby 7eleven....anyway,the situation did not change......and this is my first night in Kampar,away from home....sobs....and tons of OUCH!!!!...I am really fine,for those who will be pretty worried about me,so don't worry ya!I am enjoying this place,hope everyone is fine at home,take care...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hiko's world page33( Goodbye... )

I'm leavin' on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again....

Hahaha...I'm not going to space,just to inform everyone that I will be leaving for Kampar,Perak this Saturday(23th of May 2009).I'll be there for 3 years,I'll be back for holidays don't miss me so much.All the best and best wishes to everyone,please do drop by my blog anytime because I will be telling more of my stories and my life there...we will keep our close connection in this cyber space where distance does not matters..I love all of you guys.Keep in touch yea!!!This song in the MV above quite suits my feeling now,so do enjoy the song(in the friendship perspective).I will be missing you guys, pray for me if you can, this is pretty much a whole new adventure for me.Goodbye for now....Bon Voyage!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hiko's world page32(Last minute shopping)

Yesterday,me and my two course mates headed for Time Square to do some last minute shopping before we "migrate"to Kampar.I went there by LRT and I stopped at Hang Tuah station,so happened that I decided to save a few penny...I walked all the way to Time Square(a bad decision).If you saw my last post below,you would probably guess what happens to me next...yeah...I was sweating RAIN and panting MAD!!!Anyway thanks to the Time Square's strong air-con,I felt like I finally reached an oasis in the middle of a desert.This first picture here is me with ah Moon...she is really sweet.
Next pic here is me and Kean Kean...what a cute name she has...
Ah Moon and Kean Kean showing "peace" to whole wide world.
This is the 3 of us posing together.That day,as usual to do shopping within budget,we ate McDonald's( the cheap lunch...still not that cheap though)...because we somehow could not get ourselves a place in McDonald's,we ended up doing an urban picnic in the mall on a bench...haha...that was something fun.But the good thing that happened that day is the rain in the evening stops when it is about time for us to head home.Both of them bought a lot of stuff that day but not me...I was just doing window shopping...haha..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hiko's world page31(Wake me up when September Ends!!)

Man!!!!!Seriously this heat wave is going to go on until September???!!!!It is like taking forever...I heard that people had died in India due to this horrible heat...haiz...I am sweating like hell everyday and every single second.What is happening to our world??They say this heat is normal...well,I don't really believe it,it is more like global warming to me...I wanted to stop using the air-con to save our mother earth but now this stupid heat!!!I really can't do anything but continue air-coning...Sobs....Bears hibernate in the winter;now I will hibernate in summer...wake me up when September ends...

special courtesy to aLvIn with his brilliant idea and help for this post.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hiko's world page30( I Love This MV)

I just love this MV...although it is already some time ago but I still love it.Hope to share this with you,hope you like it.For those who can't read Chinese...the story is basically about this pianist who is being framed and thus was charged a death sentence.All this while in jail he just could not forget the girl he loved but he refuses to meet her even if she pays him a visit.The time of his death finally came,the jail officers that befriended him while he is in jail ask him what is his last wish.He said:"I want a piano."He then played his last song for the girl he loved and later the next day he was executed.This song's name is actually "The Window that I left Open for you" if directly translated from Chinese.Enjoy!!!!!

導演:金曲獎入圍最佳MV導演 - 金卓

男主角:「本來我以為,我的手還可以摸到你的臉,可是現在我希望,你能聽到,我用我的 心為你彈的歌。」






男主角在監獄裏望著窗外,看見又圓又大的月亮,這時想起曾經與女主角在籃球場上渡過愉 快的時光(鏡頭快閃些回憶畫面),並用石灰筆劃下兩人共舞的舞步。

男主角與女主角美好的回憶-兩人在充滿月光的籃球場下,互相踩著對方的影子,最後跳起 舞來,然後深情擁吻。

痴心的女主角寫了一大疊信寄給男主角,可是男主角卻從不拆信也從不回信。男主角只是將 所有的信收藏在一只紙盒中,像寶貝一般收著。因為他希望女主角能忘記沒有未來的他,去 追求屬於自己的幸福。但是心中仍然深愛女主角。

男主角在獄中看著女主角照片,也會望向窗戶看著月光,而藤蔓植物沿著窗戶蜿蜒的長出窗 外。

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hiko's world page29( it tears me up again~~~)

Higashi no Eden (a.k.a Eden of the East)
Sukoshi Wa,Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana
Door To Door

I just don't get why am I finding shows that would tear me up at the end of it...haiz...anyway,this is a "SHOWS THAT I WATCHED" introducing post.The first picture is the anime~Higashi no Eden,a very mysterious series,you would fall in love with it...this is done by the same person who did Honey and Clover,believe me this is a story that you would not want to miss(this is not the one that tear me up).Next is Sukoshi Wa,Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana...i know the name is a mouth full..haha...just another touching real life story and the last one too,called Door to Door is based on a true western story.It makes me tear up and I hate it...hahaha...

(p/s:loud applause to Nino for his outstanding acting skills in
Sukoshi Wa,Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana---Door to Door---and in Hollywood movie~Letters from Iwo Jima!!!)simply love it...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hiko's world page28(~It's OVER!!~)

YAY!!!!!My foundation program has finally came to an end...Now,I will be aiming for my degree.As I have told you guys that I will be going to Kampar(Perak) to do my are some photos of that place.This first one here is the campus's main gate,you can see the sign of the Uni's name there.
This is me,bro and mum by the lake...a.k.a westlake.
The path to the campus main gate beside the lake.
UTAR Kampar,the large campus near the lake...breath taking huh!!Too bad that day when we visited that place due to public holiday, we can't enter the campus compound.

A Nearer view of the campus.
My future home.
My room...(this is actually the show house,anyway it is more or less the same.)
A totally different world there in Kampar,Seriously nothing like K.L. I am kinda amazed...are you??