Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hiko's world page58 ( Totally love these guys!!! )

RED SOUL acapella group is awesome...I love it SOooOOOOoooooo Much!!! They have perfect harmony!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hiko's world page57 (Letters from Kampar : On a free Friday~)

Hey folks,the letters from Kampar series is back again~~YAY!!!Wanna know what's up with this full trolley?YUP!!!I went shopping with my housemates on this peaceful Friday morning....well,the reason for this is that we don't have Friday classes this semester...yay!!!!Last semester's subject was way too heavy and we almost DIED studying,in order to save our dear old body from more damage(the damage that is done by staying up late and unbalanced diet),we decided to eat healthy this sem... O.o ...ermm...just kidding,hahaha...we aren't those ORGANIC type of people...
I understand the horrible amount of yogurt and yogurt drinks maybe a bit scary....hahaha...there is a total of 18 yogurt be honest,we wanted the free gift...hahaha...actually we planned to have a steamboat this night,therefore we set on a trip to the only supermarket...TESCO KAMPAR.....>_<

This is our poor old fridge all stuffed with our things....we had a nice meal of steamboat this night and we watched's funny...Love those rodents~meanwhile that's all,will show you more next time...maybe the steamboat too...stay tune!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hiko's world page56 ( Am I missing something? )

Counting down on my last few months before I would need to say goodbye to my teenage days....been thinking a lot recently because I am starting to feel......old?....hahaha....TIME is really a funny starts out slow when we were young , and it just accelerates each year as we blew off an extra candle. Concluding on the things that I am doing now.....I think that I might have just wasted too much precious's not that I am wasting time on unnessasary things but I have not fully used them as I might have done if I am being more matured earlier. Maybe it's still not too late to try out something that I am doubting on my abilities to do it or unfulfilled stuffs......I think the thing that I missed out is that BIT of courage to lay my first step. This is a really serious matter that I'll need to consider..........I guess most people do have this sort of feeling once in a while......I am telling myself that I need to do something so that there will be no regrets in the future as I believed that we only live our life for once. NO REGRETS for I've TRIED.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hiko's world page55 (bet you would laugh...)

This really is hilarious...This is a part extracted from a drama I guess...not too sure myself,sorry for that.There is 2 sections here,make sure you watch the first before you proceed to the second one. I think that guy is a Kampung Boy and he is going on a vacation with his girlfriend,he always thinks that he is handsome.Bet you would laugh~~

p/s: If somehow you don't find it funny, please don't blame me ya...enjoy~~


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hiko's world page54 (A not so terrible reality~)

Yozz~me again.I know you might be wondering on my post topic, why " a not so terrible reality"? Well, if you have seen my last post, one of the silly things that I've been doing is worrying over my exam results because from my own experience and feelings, I am seriously guessing that I might fail one of my subjects...but amazingly I passed...I almost fainted that day in front of my comp when the results was announced...I was watching youtube HAPPILY and suddenly my friend poped up a message on my facebook chat telling me that the results was out....well again, it's not that I do not longed for the results to be out but it's just too scary to face a reality that I thought that I knew the answer.My heart suddenly starts pounding like crazy, breathing begins to be heavy, I thought I might just have a heart attack....the worse thing is my Uni's portal got crashed, maybe too many worry freaks like took me several hours before I could reach my page and FACE REALITY, thank goodness that my dear heart could bear it until then or I will just fall dead from heart attack,LOL^^..... thank God so much that I passed...I couldn't believe's not good actually, just passed, but I am thankful already...I am really happy. YAY~this concludes my first semester as a degree student, I'll need to try my best and work harder for next semester so to avoid those awful feelings that haunted me for the whole holiday.Coming up next would be my MUET test, wish me best folks...see ya!!! IT'S A MIRACLE~~

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hiko's world page53( Waking up~)

Hey folks...really sorry for the long wait, due to my finals and my laziness that my poor bloggie have to hibernate for so long...SORRY~对不起~Sumimasen~Maaf~Mi an hae yo~XD ....Just an update and sharing of what I am on these days, well since I've finished my finals for the semester,it's holiday for me now~ but sad to say I wasted loads of precious time and my holiday will be ending in a weeks' time....sobs.... :( Anyway....the good news is I am enjoying it(wasting time...p/s:shall I be happy over that? O.o .....well, the plan for my holiday is to be with my family and also hanging out with friends since these activities couldn't be fulfilled when I'm in Kampar...however,I currently find myself stucked at home in front of my comp...which is.........ermm.......***sobs*** Below shows a list of silly stuffs that I am doing lately....

1~Facebook-ing like almost 24 7 (juz kidding...I love sleeping)
2~Youtube-ing like crazy
3~Singing in the toilet, singing on my bed, singing in the middle of the night,singing in front of my mirror, singing every corner in my house etc...
4~Obsessed with Super Junior (not forgetting Arashi too)
5~Not cleaning my room
6~Day dreaming
7~Worrying about my Final's result( must be pretty horrible)
8~Bullying my rabbit
9~Recording myself singing (LOL...developed a hobby of listening to my own voice)
10~Fighting with my brother (Warning: You should never NOT try...)
11~Try splitting with weird ways and arm-wrestling ( I found a technique to win...shhh...)
12~Forgetting my MUET test.
13~Reading a weird novel on the Amazons
14~Reading a book on Acting ( I once dreamed of being a director)
15~Watching TV ( Seldom watch when I'm in Kampar)
16~Watched " The Ugly Truth" (It is seriously UGLY~it's ugly funny)
17~Taking pictures of myself using my laptop cam
18~Writing this post

LOLLLL.....I think I am really out of my mind now.....XD
Since it is holiday...I'll just share this super junior's's not new but it has the holiday mood and its setting is in MALAYSIA!!!yay~ have a nice day people and stay tune....^_^