Friday, March 20, 2009

Hiko's world page19(Noob)

Hey again.Yesterday I finally received my very own bicycle,I been to the bicycle shop and fell in love with a very lady like bicycle and I got the Pink one!!You might be pretty blur why am I getting a bicycle all of a sudden,well...I will be leaving for Kampar Perak soon to further my degree studies there,the campus there is so huge that if you don't have a bike is like you loss your feet,it is very hard to travel around without any proper vehicle.Just tell you something embarassing...I can't ride a bike...please don't laugh...anyway since that is the case,I had to force myself to learn how to.Today,I tried to get on the bike the first time(well...I have ridden a three wheeled bike when I was young though)...a little scared at first but I got confident when I can slightly ride a small distance(in the bengkang-bengkok way)Thank GOD that I did not fell once..haha I am overjoyed.Still kinda noob but my coach(my brother) is flattered,he said I am progressing fast in just 1 lesson,and that is really great.It is really cool ridding the bike in fast speed with the cool breeze on your face,I simply love it,it is like flying...hahaha...Ridding on the road in front of my house today,there was a young boy in the age of about 8 ridding his bike passing by,I seriously felt so NOOB cause an old NENEK like me still rides a bike the kiddy way,he looks at me in weird expression on his face,MAN!!!!!!!How can I lose to a kid???I CAN'T LOSE!!!!! I guess I will need to wake up early tomorrow to practice my bicycle skills...wish me luck pals.I WILL NOT BE A NOOB soon...>_<

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hiko's world page18(Drunk by chocolates + Mount adventure)

This is the mountain or hill...whatever it is that me and my family tried to conquer the other day.Too bad that the weather wasn't good,it started raining when we wanted to proceed to pit stop 3,there are total 6 pit stops.the rain gets heavier and heavier until we reach a point that we think it is too dangerous to continue because of the steep slopes and mud,what a waste that we had no choice but to turn back.

A free style picture as we reached base out to the road,all WET!!
though exhausted yet still in high spirit

Me and bro taking a break in the middle of our journey
What shall I say....hmm....I am totally obsessed with sparkling fruit juice these days,really liked their fresh taste and color.
Told you that I am drunk by these chocolates...haha...nah..just kidding,my dad's friend gave my dad these Germany chocolates.You may wanna ask"What so special?"Well,if it is just normal chocolates I would not waste my time telling you about them.These are wine chocolates,the special part of it is that these chocolates are only sold from January to April in Germany which means you can't get it at any other time of the year.Cool huh?The taste of it is pretty bitter and there is a grape in the middle of the chocolate,the smell of wine is really strong.What special chocolates....hahaha...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hiko's world page17(First day back to Uni and something fun...) is my first day back to Uni,erm...nothing that interesting actually,just as usual...this semester I have to study 3 subjects>Management Studies,Web Page Design and English for Communication.This is totally a non-science semester,but I am relief that I can rest my brain a little because last semester I cracked up my whole brain for subjects like chemistry and maths that nearly drive me crazy...(I still like science though)...hahaha...

That day when I am doing a massive gotong-royong on my room,I found a funny or rather creative thing(I don't really know what to call it)I guess it is from some e-mail that people sent me long long ago and I found it to be nice and I printed it down.Just wanna share this piece with you guys...enjoy!

When the hospital Board of Directors asked a panel of doctors to vote on adding a new wing to their hospital,

the Allergists voted to scratch it and the
Dermatologist advised no rash moves.
The Gastroenterologists had a gut-feeling about it,
but the Neurologist thought the administration had a lot of nerve,
and the Obstetricians stated they were all labouring under a misconception.
The Ophthalmologists considered the idea shortsighted;
the Pathologists yelled "Over my dead Body"-
while the Paediatricians said,"Grow up!"
The Psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness,
the Surgeons decided to wash their hands off the whole thing,
and the Radiologists could see right through it.
the Internists thought it was a bitter pill to swallow;
the Plastic Surgeons said,"This puts a whole new face on the matter."
The Podiatrists thought it was a step forward,
but the Urologists felt the scheme wouldn't hold water.
The Anaesthesiologists thought the whole idea was a gas,
and the Cardiologists didn't have the heart to say no.
.....And in the end,the Proctologists left the decision up to some asshole.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hiko's world page16(Bye-bye holiday and hello school!)

Haiz.....just like the sunlight these days,a while ago it is still here and when you came to realise,it is gone(don't you think it is raining a lot recently??).My wonderful holidays had finally come to an end,I will be heading back to Uni on Monday.This will be the last semester or rather known as trimester now for my foundation program,time really flys.I just got my results for my finals that day, wasn't really that bad though,but I still think I can do better..hahaha..You may wonder what I did this holiday,ermm....actually not much,I am somehow allowing myself to be kinda lazy..doing almost nothing sometimes,thinking of it I felt regret now,but what can I do?Time waits for no one and when they are gone they will not come back forever.Haiz...again.....Anyway,during the holiday I have been so addicted to drama series that I never knew it until now that I had finished watching nearly 5 drama series...I broke my own TV wacthing record...haha...I guess I am a pretty mad person to do so...(kids,please don't ever learn this from me,or your eyes will pop out of your eye socket one day!)Well,I did watch some really nice dramas too,like the one I just finished the other day,it is called SUMMER SNOW ,not really a new show actually(I think is like in 2000 something),it is a Japanese series staring Domoto Tsuyoshi,Oguri Shun,Imai Tsubasa,Hirosue Ryoko and many more,the show is not a very action kind of show,it talks about family values and love,really touching...I cried through it esspecially on the last episode.Haha...maybe I am a little too emotional...I went shopping yesterday to get myself ready to get back to the hectic study life,hope I will do better this semester.Let's all do our best too when we are given the opportunity to do so,Gambare yo!Hwa I Ting!Jia you!