Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hiko's world page15(Last part of my new year and my 19th BIRTHDAY)

Hey yo !me again.Sorry that the photos are not in order again...Gomenasai!This one is me SOOOOOOooo Happy on my birthday on the 14th of Feb.My birthday wish~~~~World Peace!!!!

This one is me with my family,wanna guess the flavor of the sparkling fruit juice???
And this one is the last part of Chinese new year,a special dish only appears in Malaysian Chinese society known as Yee Sang.This photo shows the "after" of the dish,it is a special dish with carrots,crackers,jelly fish,fish sashimi ,nuts,and many more all in bits and small pieces put in a large plate as seen and all the family member would gather around it with their chopsticks ready ,once start everyone would mix them up,and at the mean time shout out those wishes of the year.
This is the"before" ,where every thing in it is still nicely layed.Basically all the about are things that I would like to share on this post.haha...keep staying ONLINE for more!!!have a nice day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hiko's world page14(My Chinese New Year2009)

Hey yo!!On this post,like I promised...I'll share with you on my Chinese New Year.Sorry that the photos are not in order,but I will tell you,what it is all about.This 1st photo shows the delicious dish of prawns that is ate on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year ,This meal is known as "Kai Nian Fan 开年饭"The official meal to begin the celebration of Chinese New Year.
This 2nd photo is also on the same day with my family...ready to eat.
Also on the 2nd day,all those delicious food...
On the 2nd day too...a meal that would suit an emperor ...
This is on the 1st day,this is me receiving an ANGPAU a.k.a a red packet which is a Chinese tradition that is given by elder people and those who are married,it is not really about the money in it but more of the wish and blessing of the person that presents the angpau to you.Don't be mistaken,this is not my grandma,this is my grandma's sister.

This photo shows the food on the 1st day of new year where most Chinese family would eat a vegetarian meal..all the above food are either made of flour ,bean curd or pure meat is ate.
In this next photo is also the day,this when we are all digging in helping ourselves...
In this photo,the occasion is the eve of Chinese New Year,this dinner is know as the reunion dinner where every member of the family will return home and have dinner together...This dinner is really important in Chinese culture and society,no matter how far apart the family members are they will try their best and return home for this.
This is also on the same day(New Year eve)Everybody here is waiting to EAT!!! tummy is making noise already...

This photo here is my uncle being one of my grandma's helper chefs doing the cooking for the reunion dinner.

I think I will end this here today,there is still a little more to come...Next post ok???Have a nice day pals......

HIko's world page13(Emergency Post--A tribute to Pussy)

Sorry guys,I want to post something pretty sad and shocking before I post something happy.Just wanna do an annoucement that my grandparent's pet cat~PUSSY~ just passed away that day.She is the family cat,everyone loved her,sorry that I don't have her photo. My deepest condolence...may our Pussy dear rest in peace.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hiko's world page12(HEY GUYS!!! I'm back!!)

Hey guys,thanks for droppin by my blog,I'm back...finally my horrible final exam test period is about to come to an end..HOORAY!!!!remember I told you about the The Chinese New Year that I'm going to share with you??I will be sharing that on my next post a day or two from now because I still have my last paper and I'm going to sort those nice photos for you guys,so just be patient and hang in there ,okay pals?haha...anyway thanks for droppin me comments, I do very much appreciate that.see ya!!wish me best in my final paper...