Monday, August 30, 2010

Hiko's world page89 ( church, a home away from home )

One of the best moments during my life in Uni is spend in church. It is wonderful with friends and everyone that cares and worked together for God's sake. It always gives me the warmth and comfort I needed.

The love of God shown through the young faces.

Human traffic light ??

The lovely daughters of God.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hiko's world page88 ( a promise , a change )

I made a promise to myself and this time I am going to keep it for good.
I desire a change, a change that will lead me far and make me a better person than I was before.
Clearing the mess I made, I want to live stronger....
I have no means to isolate myself, I just want to be alone and put back the puzzle.
Give me a peace of mind for 3 days and things will be sorted.
360 degree change, I am one is gonna stop me, or I should say CAN stop me.
No worries folks....I will still be who I used to be....just a change of mind, a change of thought, a dream more clear and focused, a direction I ought to go and will go.

(p/s: changing my template for my blog (hence currently under construction)as I have made up my mind for something, wish me best=)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hiko's world page87 ( How Great Thou Art - My Rendition )

My rendition on a traditional hymn song-How Great Thou Art.
Hymns are beautiful pieces of music works.
How you will enjoy it and love it. Please use headphones.
Thank God for all His greatness, this song is dedicated to my dear Lord.
Praise Him Whom is worthy and Almighty~! May glory be to the name of Jesus~!