Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hiko's world page9 (MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!)

The crew...can you spot where I am?? singing a song..

Merry Christmas to all!!!sorry for being a belated one but I guess no one would mind...It was my first time celebrating Christmas in Uni,and everybody was so crazy on Christmas was great fun.After school that day I had a Christmas performance in church,I think I did the way ,it was my first time geting my short hair a spiky hair do...hahaha,it turned out to be quite pretty,I like is also some photos on the crew of the performance...thank God that everything went well that night..

Hiko's world page8 (Trip to Port Dickson!!!)

I'm leavin an a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again.....

FIRE!!!Ai yay madam!!
Bye!!I will be missing all of you a hundred miles away...

Peace to all!!!!


Hey yo!!!!sorry for are some photos on my trip with my family recently to Port Dickson beach,it was a wonderful time...we even visited the national army force museum,although I had visited it during my National Service days,but it is still fun to go back there and study more on the histories on war and soldiers.Cool isn't it??
(P/s:regarding the last post,can you guess my blood type??the answer is an "A positive".)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hiko's world page7(Bloody me)

Hello all,I'm back...back from a trip and also back from some Bloody experiment.Ever wonder what your blood type is and how it looks like?that day I have been given a chance to do the experiment to test out my blood type and also see them under the microscope,it is fun although it is weird to actually poke yourself with a needle and extract your own blood...wanna guess my blood type?I will review it on my next post with some interesting photos taken with my family on our trip to Port Dickson beach,we had a great time there...I'll tell you more...see ya,have a nice day.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hiko's world page6 (live each day to the fullest)

Today I would want to express my deepest condolence to the victims of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy...Its really sad to see things like makes me quite worry too because me myself is also staying beside a slope,behind my house is a deep hill slope,hope God will bless our home...and also bless those in this disaster.We should really live each day to the fullest because nobody will ever know what will happen to themselves tomorrow.We should treasure our days and also those we loved so we will never regret.May the Lord's peace be with everybody...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hiko's world page5 (Funny Nakatsu)

Hey again.This week busy with my public speaking assignment.We are suppose to do a talk show...guess what my group did??We did a talk show that invites S.H.E (kononnya la!!),I am suppose to act as Hebe,hahaha...really funny right?So the whole time on the net I am searching on my character and also the other characters.There is a amazing discovery,I found that quite a number of Taiwan idol dramas actually lost to the Japanese version(at least I felt that,no offence.)I was watching quite a bit of the drama 'Hana Kimi' taiwan version in youtube and I accidently clicked on the Japanese version and I find that the Jp version is serioully better,and more funny too(Taiwan version might have over did it,a little too fake)and I came across this guy(IkutaToma)in the Japanese version that acted as Nakatsu...I think he is really funny and good actor and he looks good too...try to see the funny part of jp hana kimi in youtube...(p/s:Toma also acted in the jp version Honey and Clover)..bye for now..have a nice day!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hiko's world page4 (my mouse dissection)

Hey,me again...these are some of my mouse dissection photos from my Uni biology lab practical...kinda disgusting (the smell is more horrible)but it is very fun and exciting,it is a really weird and funny feeling sending a mouse to heaven...poor mouse,I am so greatest condolence....may your spirit rest in peace... I really learned a lot from this experiment,hope you would not think that this is that disgusting...haha...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hiko's world page 3 (long time no see)

Its been so long since I last posted on my page...I nearly forgotten that I actually have a blog...anyway I am BACK!!!!The first semester in Uni has passed now is my second sem,its really fun but also hectic in the same time...I'll try uploading some photos on my dissection of mouse in my biology lab prac on the next post,its kinda disgusting but its really exciting...I'll tell you more about me..bye for now!!!