Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hiko's world page101 (updating my life)

My blog has been in hibernation for like decades, it's not that I do not want to update it but as Uni semester starts, the heavy load of work and a hectic school life just totally cuts me off Hiko's world. For those supporters of the novel I was writing before this, no worries as it will be back soon. Chapter 7 will meet everyone in the month of May so stay connected to Hiko's world. Semester will end soon which also implicates that finals are super can feel the heat already! Since I've started writing my novel, it hasn't been much updates of myself and what's happening around me so here in this post are some of my updates and pics. ^^

Chinese New Year~me and bro
crazy posingXD
Friend's birthday celebration, I've came to notice that I can't find my eyes.

Church choir, always the best moments!
cam-whoring, my fringe got long T^T

well~~that's it for now...see ya soon...take care people!