Monday, April 26, 2010

Hiko‘s world page81(my new song cover-樱花草)

my second song cover, still noob...hahaha...oh to start from somewhere though...
this is a Chinese song, hope you guys like it.....ignore the unwanted noises....hehe
还是希望各位会支持,(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……记得用耳机来听哦~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hiko's world page80 (my first song cover)

A first time.....try using headphones while listening~

A correction on the original singer's name-Juwita Suwito

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hiko's world page79 ( OMG )

Accidentally came across this when Google-ing something on fashion. This is from Japan~~can't find words to put it....LOL.

Other random weird stuffs....This is a type of Japanese street fashion or shall I say "style"'s
called Ganguro. Wierd eh? I personally don't find it pretty at all, making yourself a sunburned Hawaiian girl ... call this fashion??(⊙o⊙)

Gosh~!!! Run~!!! Better don't use Japan's public transport...especially the train.

Is it so difficult for you to find a bed or couch that you need to stand sleeping?

Too lazy to even hold an umbrella?

Won't the chopstick be too heavy?

What can still say about the Jap? LOL......

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hiko's world page78 ( no worries O(∩_∩)O)

Been taking things as easy as they could be, realizing life always has its own way because God is there to lead. Thinking about this, there is nothing to worry anymore. People asked me, why are you smiling?are you happy?I answered: "Yeah!Because there isn't anything to be sad about^_^"..........this is my philosophy.It's drizzling again, sometimes I just love it when it rains, its calmness, its serenity~~~simply beautiful.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hiko's world page77 (Letters from Kampar: an Easter morning but ..........)

An Easter morning in Kampar, as usual I board the church bus to go to Sunday service, this is what I saw on my way~~~it's Qing Ming festival for the Chinese people.........don't know what to say of what I saw, I'll let you do the thinking~
If the picture is blur just click on it and blow it up to see what is really going on...