Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hiko's world page76 ( a change of thought )

I guess my stormy clouds are over now, although things are still as messy as it is like a tornado that swept passed me leaving nothing standing but me, however I now could smell the freshness in the air I breath in, feeling the breeze that touches my face. It is awesome that way. The best thing I discovered along my way through different challenges in life is to just be yourself and be honest with your feelings. It seems that all my worries just gone away, I really love the fact that I could face things like that and let things be in their own way without complains. God is really wonderful, He is a God that does miracles. This week for me is really inspirational, although I do not know what really caused me to think that way, but it is great! This week has been long, still as usual full of work to be done and a future that keeps my mind occupied, but I am trying to enjoy my days every bit of it to the fullest and be as relax as I could be. Maybe when you can start to let go of the things you grabbed on to so so hard, you will find that there is more towards life than the things you once thought was important. maybe I was right this time....maybe............

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hiko's world page75 ( hope for a halt )

Hey guys~~it's me again.Been updating my blog pretty frequent lately,why?It's not that I am too free or's the opposite,all because I am too busy~!!!!Been in front of my comp doing that pile of endless assignments ever since I open my eyes in the morning and the last thing before bedtime, facing that screen for almost 12 hours a day....I am going insane already....
it's not only my mind is going crazy, I guess my body wasn't in great shape either....been wondering what would my poor old liver look like if I would cut myself open and take a look,probably black and urghhh....ewww...feels like puking already~~~if these "stay up whole night" thingy is not stopping, my organs will soon all rot away.T_T
But what could I do?....nothing's gonna change,I'll still have to finish them in the end~~sigh~~~
really hoping for a break, a halt to all these...even with ample of motivation, it is still difficult to handle all these stress and exhaustion.....

I miss home.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hiko's world page74 ( LOVE )

How beautiful~~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hiko's world page73 ( sigh )

The first time you looked at me in the eye

How foolish am I

to believe that stars will fill the dark lonely sky


The last time you looked at me

You wanted me to die

But this time I will not cry

No more dignity and rules to comply

Like a drizzle on a hot sunny day

Pungent evaporating gas from below

How wrong

How fake a play

You’re like a rose with thorns

Hurting me as I came close just to admire your beauty

How foolish am I

To believe that a bouquet will cast off the loneliness


You are ugly



I forgive you of your wrongs

For that makes me happy

I will look into your face and smile

But I will give you my heart no more

From now

You’ll only be a stranger even our path intersects


I wanted a place that I could peacefully soar

A heaven that hearts are clear as a mirror reflects

A hand that I could grab on when my hands are cold

A shoulder that tears would dry off

A person that I could deeply care

A heart that I could deeply love

A smile that I could smile back

A relation that money can’t buy



What a foolish game

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hiko's world page72( Difficult )

I really want to cut off the emo side of me, seriously.

Based on a HIKO’s research, it is found that humans are selfish living organisms that survives on earth to dominate take good care of all the things and wealth that is given to them and snatch it from share it to others. The humans worked in different ways in order to have a wonderful life. Isn’t this awful awesome?

From research, the results obtained are as follow:

100% of humans are fishmongers

90% of humans are fakers

80% of humans are betrayers

70% of humans run show off stage

60% of humans are dumb players

50% of humans are rule breakers

40% of humans are pure fools

30% of humans are killers

20% of humans are alive

10% of humans are……………… O.o ………… humans?

The conclusion of this research carried out is that, humans with all kinds of ways and jobs makes the world pitiful beautiful and life difficult easy.

WARNING: All of the above content of the research is done by a nobody professional.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hiko's world page71 ( Self motivation~!!!!YES~!!!)

In order to boost my mood, confidence and motivation....I knew clearly I must do something~!!Been watching God of Study lately.....honestly, this drama gives me lots of motivation......and I love it~!! even the songs are awesome......I must really work hard~!!!