Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hiko's world page41(Letters from Kampar--I know there will be rainbow)

Hi,this time...for the first time,I would like to express my thoughts using Chinese,but I will first write something in English.Hmmm.......nothing much or big though,just got a very good feeling of what is about to come,my rainbow is out,and praise the Lord because he gave me a whole new horizon to look forward to.Dear Lord,thank you so much.


Hahaha...something extra to tell...I finally found my real Japanese name pronunciation(based on my Chinese name characters)which is called NOGIHIKO based on this 2 kanji/Chinese characters>>
穎彦,before this,you might heard of me calling myself YOSHIHIKO which is actually a repetition of the last character of my Chinese name,it is still valid though....hahaha...SO HAPPY!!YAY!!!~~~anyway..the name is merely just for fun.haha...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hiko's world page40(Eden Of the East FINISH!!!!)

YAY!!!!Finally finished the last episode of Eden of the East(Japanese anime a.k.a Higashi no Eden)Such a long time ever since I posted about the shows I watch...yesterday,I finally had completed the final episode of this anime...YAY~~~~because It took me more than 11 weeks to complete this show that only consist of 11 episodes.But seriously, it is a trailling anime,although I still don't get some parts of it....hahaha...but it is still interesting!!!For my opinion,I don't really like the ending a lot,you will see why if you get a chance to watch it.(I watch it on youtube)But anyway,it is still an anime that is worth while to watch.Go check it out folks, if you are interested.

This type of post will not be under the title of "Letters from Kampar",normal post like this one will be me sharing interesting things with you guys other than my Uni life.

My apologies for acting a bit negative in my last post...I'm just exaggerating things,please don't be too serious with my words.And to all....I am enjoying my life in Kampar,so no need to be worried.OKie?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hiko's world page39(Letters from Kampar--tooth,leg and pens)

GERR......STUPID Tooth,leg and .....

Sorry folks for the long wait...and sorry again because there is NO pictures...wanna know why I did not blog for so long? is because of those 3 things.

1st--Tooth>>I cracked one of my teeth sometime ago and I left it unattained and guess what happened?? are right!! My teeth hurts like hell and I need to go home the 2nd time to get it filled up...and I can't get the bus ticket back home to see the dentist's face due to a stupid test!!!that sucks...

2nd--Leg>>LEG...or rather say my knee...I crashed my bike the other day due to my stupid night blindness and my stupid bicycle skill...Got a huge hole in my pants at the knee and as for my knee..........BLOODY scary wound....haiz....bad stuffs always comes all at once.Can't ride my bike currently,taking bus to school each day...............not too bad.

3rd--pens>>not exactly about"pens" is about my pile of homework and assignments...if I don't work on them soon...they will pile up and reach the moon....haiz.......

So folks...these are the reasons of my late post...I guess the only good thing happening lately is that there is finally rain in Kampar...or I will go crazy due to the horrible heat.hahaha...
So long my friendz....see ya in my next post,hopefully it will be more soon.

Don't take my words too seriously folks....I don't need to be worried.我很好。。。放心!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hiko's world page38(Letters from Kampar--More of Uni)

Another of my post about my life in Kampar...This first pic here is me having lunch in the campus canteen...
This one here is Block B(the library block)...can you spot me?I am the biggest one in the pic,pink T-shirt and huge black backpack.
This is the building where I study,Faculty of science,engineering and technology...This whole building are mainly our science or computer labs.
Behind all these glass doors are lecture halls.
This is the campus canteen...always full no matter what time is it...weird.
Loads of students come and go.The canteen is never peaceful.
The view looking out from the canteen.The LAKE of mysteries.....LOL...just joking folks...
Some views of the campus...
Another view
Hahaha...and this is my kiddy bike...well,this is quite a naughty bike cause it gave me loads of problem...

KAMPAR DAY....I lost count

Work load here is getting heavier each day...starting to feel the heat of degree...trying to count my days patiently...finding time to head home, still the best!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hiko's world page37(Letters from Kampar--Campus life)

Hi people,me again...this time as I had promised,I will show you my campus life photos...this first one is during my "Principles of Nutrition" Lecture in the campus's lecture theater which is one of the biggest class with few hundred huh?
This next one here is one of the many bicycle parking area in the campus,if you parked your bike here,make sure to remember where you put it or else you might just lost sight of your bike.
This is the same as the first picture.
This is one of our lecture halls,this is slightly smaller than the lecture theater I mentioned above.
DINNER TIME!!!! This is our first experimental porridge,although we didn't make porridge before but it somehow came out just nice.It is really tasty!!
Our house during dusk.

I am starting to get use to the life here,everyday is full of new adventures....and I know God is at my side.