Monday, December 28, 2009

Hiko's world page67 ( AVATAR )

Just watched AVATAR with my family, all I could conclude for this show is simply one word~"AWESOME" !!! The graphics, effects and animation was stunning~and I just love those exciting flying scenes in this movie. Really no regrets watching~~
However, AVATAR gives me a feeling that it is a concept combination of many shows or even games, reminds me of a show I watched when I was a kid, called ferngully....the story line shows pretty much similarities~go check it out if you have not watch either movie~ 
Next, it greatly reminds me of Laputa, you'll get what I mean once you watched AVATAR~seriously...
Well, those beautiful scene with glowing light in the forest will never fail to let me relate it with scenes in Final Fantasy~it might really been copying from Final Fantasy~
About the love story and so....Pocahontas is another show that makes you think of when you watch AVATAR.....especially the mother willow?? the idea already?Anyway, AVATAR is really a great show, so go try and watch this if you've got the chance......NICE !

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hiko's world page66 ( 幸福冬至 )


sorry to those who is unable to understand chinese, this post is basically about a chinese festival call "Dong Zhi".The Chinese people normally eat "tangyuan" a type of sweet flour ball made to mean the togetherness of a family. Me and my family are enjoying this sweet and warming festive season together~~

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hiko's world page65 ( GOING HOME )

The best feeling on earth is going home. Looking on the tracks awaiting for the train that states the beautiful name~HOME is a really nice view....
~My bags~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hiko's world page64 ( When I wanted things my own way. )

Christmas is round the corner, seeing shopping malls and households all over the globe setting up huge Christmas trees filled with colorful dangling bells and angels, acorns, mistletoe, ribbons and flickering lighting that lighted up everyone's spirit and mood of Christmas. The creativity that people came up each year for Christmas decorations never fails to impress me. But, is Christmas nothing but a cozy season that we celebrate and just be merry for the time? Christmas means nothing if we just do as what everyone does without knowing what does it actually mean to us. would want to answer me that it is about the birth of Jesus Christ right? Or are you thinking that is what I want to tell you?The same old story that people would tell you each year when Christmas arrives?........Well, NOPE! That isn't the meaning of my post and same goes to Christmas. What I want to tell you today is that Christmas is all about ME(myself) or YOU(yourself)....weird?Why would I say that?......Because if it wasn't for ME (pls make the ME as YOU yourself ,the reader),there would be no meaning and significance for Christmas. Why would a birth of a baby 2000 years ago somewhere in faraway middle east got to do with ME?I don't even know him and that was!!THOUSANDS of years a logic way,it doesn't even make sense celebrating! Some people don't even get to celebrate their own birthdays and worst if some people don't even know that old story when they KONONnya celebrate...wearing red Christmas hats and shouting for Santa Claus instead...haiz.....=.=SO...... Have you every wonder why Christmas ever exist? to tell the ugly truth....Christmas exist because WE(I) wanted things OUR(MY) own way. Shouldn't we be feeling happy that Christmas is not about Jesus's birth but about ME, I and MYSELF?Honestly, I am feeling pretty much disgusted by myself because that I am selfish.....Christmas exist.....because I am obeying MYSELF......Christmas exist........Because I think I am right.......Christmas exist.......Because I think I can stand alone.......Christmas exist.......Because I think that with my own power,own good deeds I can get myself a ticket to heaven.........Christmas exist. Going back to the story we said......Christmas isn't about Lord Jesus Christ being borned through virgin Mary, it's about US ALL that caused Him to be borned and then being crucified on the cross to redeem us from stepping into the pits of sin because we are all selfish people who never think that we are wrong!!!! you see why Christmas got to do with us? Jesus is God...He is holy(no sin at all)...and we....are of course a bunch of sinful earthlings, He doesn't even need to come here to die for us if He doesn't want it,he can always choose not to do so....but, He love us even though we are so unworthy....therefore,He made up His mind....He would come down from the throne Himself to die once and for all for the mankind He loved so much. If you would ask me if I would even want to hurt myself (not even dying)just to save a street begger that I don't know?!.....I would say NO!!....but God Himself did it!
Christmas comes every year as a reminder that Jesus in fact came to our midst, beared our sins and burden and walked up to the cross, so that we would be able to come close to Him once again.......
Once, Christmas was here because I wanted things my own way.....
but now, Christmas comes so that I could rejoice and be thankful because I am saved....
This is the real meaning of Christmas....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hiko's world page63 ( THE TABLE !!! )

I am being on this table or my bed the whole time these days...STUDYING.....


Two more papers to go...gotta work!!! And resist all temptations.................

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hiko's world page62 ( WTH am I doin'? )

I have been staying in front of my comp whole day long...seriously...what am I doing?? aren't I supposed to be studying for finals? O.o This semester is really dead boring (as in the subjects), although there are only 3 subjects with 2 LAN subjects, none is actually in my head after all those lectures for the past 7 weeks.MAN~~!!!! I am really trying SO SO SO hard to get my mood right (even though it never will) to study, imagining myself tying a headband with " 必胜!" written BOLD on it. I do admit I am lazy though (but studying is not something I would risk my dear life neglecting it XD), I'll have to stop the comp and Internet thing for a while to continue what I have started for just a little you think I am capable of finishing 2 text books in 6 days?? I think I'll try to challenge that....hehehe....wish me best for my finals ya!!

To my secondary school old buddies and whoever consider me a friend, I'll be on holiday starting 20th Dec , hoping that you guys have time for some lil gathering , please contact me^^

p/s: This post is just written off my own have a nice day!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hiko's world page61( Tears )

I've been crying too much lately, the odd thing is there is nothing to do with any personal issues...please don't laugh after I've said it ok? promised?..........okay, here goes....I went back home last week and was more than happy to hear my dear dear daddy brought us tickets to watch 2012 that I dread for.On that day of the show, before the show when I am at home, I watched "UP" where I too did not get a chance to as I've went to Kampar.Cutting all the crapping...I cried within the first few minutes of the show, and the tears comes and goes throughout it....ok, it's not really the first time I cried watching a cartoon show~but I was surprised it came a bit too fast then I've expected. Next, let's go on with 2012, I must admit that this show is really heart breaking watching people die in MASS....and I think there isn't need for me to describe what happened in the cinema...Finally...after the few days I spent at home with my family, I am back in Kampar for my final week of the semester. Since there isn't much to do already, me and a bunch of friends watched movies at night, one night we watched "MIRROR"...a HORROR movie...(WARNING:PLEASE DON'T EVER GO TRY WATCH THIS, THIS SHOW IS SICK!!!!~I bet you will not listen to my advise, watch it at your own risk~)ok, coming back to the topic, when I watch this horror movie I wasn't even afraid at all, 'cause I'm not really afraid of ghost....but I really hate this movie because it's SOoooOOOOOooooOOo disgusting!!!! I mean the death scenes, as you know this kind of movies nowadays can't go on without ugly deaths...but this is far more worse than final destination~~tears came from no where as I watch it, and I really felt that I might throw up any second,eeeeeeeeewwwww!!!! It really suck!!I can't stand it even I am a Biology student~~Urgh!