Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hiko's world page105 (walking hand in hand 60 years)

It was my grandparent's 6oth wedding anniversary, and my whole family held a grand celebration for them on 30th December 2011. It was dazzling and unforgettable, very emotional too. It has always been wonderful for someone you loved to be by your side and even better when you are 80++ and you are still walking hand in hand, it was God's grace we all saw, and the whole night's event was a great success. We held a dinner for around 100 guests and for us, the 3rd generation of the family, we formed a live band and we had a live band concert of 8 songs that night. It was a pleasant sight and an amazing experience.
Grandpa and Grandma at the entrance. LOVELY.

The Cousins! 3rd Generation of the family.
Random posing at the entrance.
Me and bro~!
The younger division of Cham Family 3rd generation.

Our Live Band Concert.
Our 3rd Generation Cham Family rock band with our dear family friend Grace on the left.
Phew~~Finally all the hard work paid off ^^
The Cham Family.

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